Scratching My Nosey Itch

When I fantasise about what my mutant superhero supernatural power would be, the answer for me is obvious- the power of invisibility. Why? Because I’m nosey as hell. I’m not nosey as in gossipy and wanting to know all your business, I’m nosey as in- whats in your bag? nosey and one of my favourite groups on Flickr is actually the Whats in Your Bag? pool. If I was invisible it be would be the ultimate lifestyle snoop as I could find someone who looked interesting and follow them around, seeing what they get up to throughout the day, where they live, who they hang out with and what their homes are like. I would get such a supreme kick out of it. I hope none of you are psychologists because I would hate to know what that really says about my personality, and now that the whole world knows about this quirk its probably only a matter of time before the court injunctions start rolling in.

Now that you know about my fantasy stalker secret you will understand how happy I was to see my latest Amazon purchase arrive-

A book that mooches around the homes of creative people and then grills them about the contents? You know I had to have it. Its not just a collection of photos, there are interviews with the owners of the homes and studios featured where they talk about the sources and inspirations behind the design of their interiors.

I’ve been devouring this book like it was made from cheesecake and have been oooing and aaaahhhing through it, wishing my home looked even half as interesting as the ones inside it. For around three seconds I even considered taking up doll house making as a hobby that I could have a cool interior too even if its just on a miniature scale, but I soon halted that crazy dream when I realised just how SAD I sounded and what a ridiculous idea it was. HOWEVER. I have another idea. What if I made a house for my cat!!!!! I shared this thought with my brother and he probably hasn’t stopped laughing yet since I said it yesterday afternoon. He thinks I’m a crackhead. I’m serious though- that would be grand! I wouldn’t have any furniture in there or anything she could choke on, it would just be an empty wooden box with an art deco style exterior- sweeping curves and a sunburst motif on the front. I am obsessed with art deco anything I can see my feline palace now in my minds eye. I could even have a rooftop veranda as my cat currently spends more time on top of his current box (its just a cardboard box) than he does inside it. Oh the possibilities!! 

I’m getting a bit carried away with myself again. I have lots of ideas for things (like the skeleton hand thing) and they hardly ever come into fruition but just maybe………………..


4 Comments on “Scratching My Nosey Itch”

  1. Oooh oooh oooh! That looks like a fabulous book! I share your obsession with looking at people’s stuff. It’s not how a place is decorated that especially interests me – it’s what they fill it with; their collections; their quirky bits of furniture bought from fleamarkets and charity shops and so on. I’m rather partial to the “corners of my home” flickr group for that reason.

  2. Great book!! I try not to look at the inside of other peoples houses because I just get house envy and start messing around with the furniture in my living room – it drives the bf insane! I say go for it with building the cat house though!! x

    • Deena says:

      I’m going to go for it! My father is a retired carpenter so I will be getting some tips from him on how to create a structure that doesn’t collapse at the first sign of a breeze!

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