Adventures in Fattyland

Had a quick trying on session in Evans (Fattyland) yesterday evening. I was in store for what seemed like hours and all I bought was some underwear. It was extremely busy with all the staff scuttling around preparing for the sale which I think starts today.

Love it!!! I’m wearing the size 26- fits fine. Couldn’t buy it at the time but I’m def going back for it.

Size 28- a little too big.

I saw this on the website and immediately loved the print. I had dreams of wearing it with the pale bleach wash jeans from Evans but they are no longer on the website and I can’t see them in store anymore. DRAT. The obvious choice would be to style a satin top with something smart for an evening out but I wanted to dress it down a lot and make it look more rugged- like this:


Cardigan- £15 New Look, Satin top £35- Evans, Jeans £35 Dorothy Perkins, Aqua gladiators £40, Office, Collage Slogan Bag by Diesel £40 (sale price) Marshall Ward.

Now that I’ve tried it on its a bit longer than I thought it was and also more off the shoulder-y than it looked online so won’t work as well with my styling plan.

What does work for me though is the bag. SWOON! I’ve been eyeing it up in Selfridges so much for the past few weeks that I’m sure the security team are monitoring me. Its also available in in a black/ grey colourway but what I’m really lusting over and getting all excited about is the red/purple colourway. It MUST be mine. I need a new work bag and this has to be it! The only thing making me a bit hesitant about buying it is the fact that its lined with black fabric. I never buy black work bags because a) I think they’re boring b)I can never locate things inside it easily. When you have a big black bag and are trying to find something at the bottom its like looking into the abyss and it just frustrates me further when I’m searching for something that I just can’t find. Also, there are no compartments in it apart from a small zippered section which is big enough to contain a tight selection of things but the main section is just one big vortex. My phone has a black case and if that goes inside it I’d never see it again. Even though I am put off by the black lining the superfab exterior makes up for it so I may just have to get it. Also, its gone down in the sale now so that’s the extra incentive I need.

ooOoooOo I love you, come to momma........Image from

ooOoooOo I love you, come to momma........Image from

Image from

Definitely not boring. Image from


14 Comments on “Adventures in Fattyland”

  1. Amber says:

    I love how that satin top looks dressed down! I like those tops a lot but I don’t have any place dressy enough to wear them. Pairing it with a cute jacket and jeans makes it so fresh and casual! Genious!

    (and those teal gladiators are gorgeous)

  2. Lani says:

    i love that first dress!!

  3. Deborah-lee says:

    Oh I love both the dress and the shirt. I think you definitely should go back and get the dress!

  4. jb says:

    The name Fattyland is hilarious! That’s how I feel when I’m in Lane Bryant, lol!
    I love those bags, the geometric shapes work really well and should go with a lot of things. And you are not alone in stalking out an item that you love. I do that all the time, hovering around a pair of jeans I’m dying to see go on sale or saving up for them. It’s all in the name of love, :-P.

  5. The first dress looks awesome on you!

    I like the second top too and love the outfit you’ve put together!

  6. Vanoue says:

    oooh aw! I like your shoes! Where did you get them from?

    I like the first top a lot!

  7. Heather says:

    Love the virtual outfit. I’m drawn to wild print tops but never buy them because they don’t seem like ‘me’. Calming them down with the solid jacket is a great idea. Thanks.

  8. […] the Diesel bag that I blogged about a couple of weeks back. I bought it online from where it was reduced from £70 to £35. […]

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