Another Beth Ditto/ Evans Peek

I can’t take it anymore. After this post I’m not going to say another single thing about the Beth Ditto range for Evans until the launch on July 9th. Beth was in my dream last night. She was sitting at my computer surfing the web and from my indifferent reaction in the dream, it was a normal occurrence. I think that’s a sign I need to lay off the Beth talk before I lose a grip on reality.

But before I do, go here to be teased some more. We’ve seen flashes of these items before but now they are shown on a living breathing person it’s as though they are slowly morphing from just being ghostly garments we’ve heard rumours about, to being actual physical clothes we can hold and touch- a bit like the transition made by Imhotep in The Mummy, becoming more human the more souls he takes until he becomes flesh and blood. A strange comparison but that it was the first thing that came to mind.

*slowly stepping out of the room, backwards*

Thanks Disconap for the heads up!

Keep an eye on this site here and sign up to be in with the chance of winning a scarf from the range!


10 Comments on “Another Beth Ditto/ Evans Peek”

  1. Emily says:

    I have a dreadful feeling I’m going to be disappointed, I hope not!

    On another note, have you seen the SimplyBe preview collection? It plopped through my door today and there are some beauties, Mica Paris has a range and it’s bloody brilliant 🙂

    • Deena says:

      No, not seen it but I have a mental note to as I just bought Woman magazine (because theres a piece on Alison Hammond in it) and they have a discount voucher in there. I really don’t need to see any more great clothes as my pocket can’t take any more!!

  2. christina says:

    hahaha! the sun just published more pieces from the collection too! i just posted them up!

  3. I was just about to write about the “real people” sun article too – the cartoon print strapless dress is a 110% definite MUST HAVE!!!!

  4. disconaplondon says:

    Haha! Okay Beth doesn’t incur quite this much into my brain but I do love her ridiculously much. Thanks for the link. And for the Mummy reference. It’s weird how many times I’ve seen that film.


  5. dimestore diamond says:

    beths clothes range looks amazing!!!

    does anyone which stores it will be in? like will the range be in all evans store or just a few??

    i guess it will be online but online shopping is never as fun as actually going into a shop and buying something!!

    • Deena says:

      I don’t know any details of which stores will be carrying the BD line but I would guess that it probably only be the bigger stores but thats just me guessing, thats not based on any real knowledge. If I get any more info I’ll pass it on.

  6. […] had enough. I concede defeat, I can fight no more. It was only twelve days ago that I said I would lay off the Beth Ditto for Evans talk until the launch day and I was doing well until this evening when I bought this week’s issues of Look and Grazia. […]

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