Item of the Week- 13/06/09

I’m currently experiencing covetable clothing overload and will have to accommodate this by turning the unofficial  dress of the week post into a regular feature. There is just too much stuff in general that I want. The weekly slot will now be called Item of the Week to be inclusive of all types of clothing and accessories. I’ve already seen several items today that would make the shortlist so instead of highlighting one item I’m going to have an outright winner and a runner up because as much as I love the second place item, its not PERFECT.

Here goes.

The runner up for Item of the Week is….

$59 B&Lu

$59 B&Lu

…. the new Magrit dress from B&Lu which I heart 100 times over. I cooed like a pigeon as soon as it appeared on my screen and I want one toute de suite so I can put on my red lippy and wear it while doing my best Alexandra Burke impression…..

… or for watching On the Town on a Saturday afternoon and singing along to all the hits. You already know I love nautical fashion, but nautical fashion with a vintage wink makes me go weak at the knees. I even have the perfect shoes for it..

Kiss curl shoes!! From Hobbs around 3 years ago.

So why have I only given it a runner up prize? Well firstly I its too long for my liking but I could easily remedy that with a quick swipe of my shears. Secondly, I don’t like the belt. Its not working for me. I don’t think the filigree design of the buckle really goes with the sailor style collar and the elastic doesn’t go with the vintage fantasy in my head. Its not terrible, I’m just not feeling it. In my very humble opinion a pronged belt would have looked better. A pronged belt in a colour to match either the main body or the trim, maybe. Anyhow- the belt is removable and its only a minor thing because belt or no belt that’s a great dress, but the belt matter has made it only reach runner up position.

First place goes to this bad girl….

£25 Evans

Heeeearrrrrrrrt!!! It looks like a dress but its listed as a top on the Evans website. How kickass is this?!!?!


9 Comments on “Item of the Week- 13/06/09”

  1. jb says:

    I like both pieces, but I love, love, love the winner.

  2. gabigregg says:

    i saw that top on the evans website and i fell in love, but i wish it were a DRESS, not a tunic. otherwise i’d buy it.

  3. christina says:

    evans is coming through in a big way these days. their pieces see to have a lot more personality to them and i’m liking what i see. i’m sad that i feel asleep on friday night and missed out on the 20% off sale LOL.

    • Deena says:

      Years ago is used to be that Evans only jumped on a trend after everyone else had used it up and worn it out, but they now are much more current and as on trend as the rest of the high street. It’s as though they’ve gained confidence and conviction in what they are doing for plus sizes and more knowledge and respect for what their customers want.

  4. christina says:

    oh and I’m definitely re-blogging this! its too good to pass up! will credit you of course!

  5. Emily says:

    I saw this the other day and proper loved it, and personally I’m glad it’s a tunic not a dress as I’m way more of a skinnies and top person than a dress wearer 🙂

  6. Kacie says:

    I love both of these pieces! I saw that b&lu dress a few days ago and i love it except for all the reasons you point out. I do not know what they were thinking about with that belt. Something simple, a little thinner, and in red or yellowwould have been so adorably nautical. The length is also lamesville though as you point out that is easy enough to fix. If it goes on sale I may buy it, but 60 is a bit much when I have to pay for a new belt and a hem since I cannot sew. I saw that Evans top earlier. I would want to wear it as a dress, and I’m not a leggings fan. I think you should go try it on and report back to me on the length, because if it’s 35″ or more then I must own it!

  7. emmme says:

    First Place is a stunner! If only I could wear pink!

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