Dress of the Week- The Follow Up

I finally had the time yesterday to go out in search of last weeks dress of the week from Evans and try it on. Unfortunately I didn’t see the pink flowery version but I did see these two……

Evans, £32

I love them both but am holding out for the pink floral one. Yes, they are similar in style to this dress that I made last summer….

…… and I could just make another one but I can’t find the fabric that I REALLY want. What I REALLY want is a mad bright 80’s style print like one of these….

Image from Stiletto Ninja on Flickr

Image from Stiletto Ninja on Flickr

Image from zazzle.co.uk

Image from zazzle.co.uk

………but there seems to be nothing available along a similar theme. A fabric shopping trip to London is definitely in order.


14 Comments on “Dress of the Week- The Follow Up”

  1. Weesha says:

    I’m loving all the 80s inspired looks right now, almost wish my mom had saved some of her old clothes and jewelry 😦
    Anyway, the original dress of the week is much prettier, I hope you find your fabric!

  2. I loved these dresses – comfy and unusual – but unfortunately they’re too long in the body for me. I think the pink floral one is the nicest too – though the animal print one looks pretty fab on you.

  3. emmme says:

    I agree with Buttercup, the leopard is faboo on you, and I normally *hate* the ubiquitous union of plus size and animal prints.
    Ever considered twisting your hair and wearing it wild and curly? Your hair’s way more conservative than the rest of your awesome style. Of course I’m a crazy Miamian; if I had my way we’d all be half-nekkid!

    • Deena says:

      My hair- ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!! Don’t talk to me about my hair. I am having the biggest hair rut ever and am one step away from doing a Britney, no joke. I like this style but it doesn’t work with everything but I don’t know what else to do with it. I wore it in two strand twists a few weeks ago but I felt a lot older with it. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do wild and curly and I don’t really want to go back to the kinky afro twists that I wore for two years straight because it played havoc with my hairline. I have half a blog post lying in wait regarding my hair woes but I’ve not finished it so I might just complete it and invite suggestions. ARGH again!

  4. FrumpyGibbon says:

    I assume the pink floral is the same dress as the second one you’ve posted here? If so, the pink floral is definitely better for you. And that cut is great on you! AND pockets! What more could you ask for?

    I hope you find it (or some similar fabric to make one up) soon!

  5. Kacie says:

    I have been eyeing the floral version of that dress. I really want to order it but I live in California and I can’t figure out what size to get. I wear a US 22 and I know most people say that means I’d be a UK 26, but I ordered a tulip skirt from Evans ina 24 and it fits perfectly. I’m confused about those dresses because it says cotton and I have giant boobs (44G/42H). Any suggestions about size or fit? I’m a ruler/apple shape.

    • Deena says:

      Hi Kacie
      I’ve heard people say that US sizes are two sizes bigger than UK sizes but in my experience its one size. When buying jeans in the UK I wear a size 26 and in the states I wear a size 24. I’m also bigger on top (we wear the same bra size) and I wear a 26/28 blouse/ dress in the UK and a 24/26 in the US depending on the style and fabric. The black and grey dress I’m trying on in the pic is a UK28 and the blue one is UK30. The grey one was a good fit and not too tight or loose anywhere. There are no fastenings in it, it just slips on over your head but there are ties at the waist to adjust the fit if you need to. I tried on the size 26 (as I wear a size 26 skirt) but it was too tight on top. Do you usually wear the same size on the top and bottom or do you have to go a size bigger for tops?

      • Kacie says:

        I never buy tops in actual sizes because they never fit over my boob of if they do fit my boobs they end up being a little too loose everywhere else even though I do have a big waist. I may try the 26 just to make sure it will fit me, because worst case scenario I can get the body taken in. However, I’m noticing that everyone wants that dress which is making me want it less, but it is really cute so it’s not like I can blame anyone for wanting it. Thanks for the info though. That really helped.

  6. Rahana says:

    I luv em all, wot dress size r u coz were both around the same size and i can just c wot it looks like on u without even havin 2try it on lol

    • Deena says:

      I usually wear a size 26/28. The black dress I tried on is a size 28 and the blue one is a 30 but its too loose. I went to the Evans store in Birmingham city centre.

      • rahana says:

        ok, well i live in london so that would b a long trek 4 me lol.
        yeah i’m the same size as u so woteva u try on i know wot it will look like on me lol.
        and i can order it online instead of actually goin 2 the shop 🙂

  7. Rahana says:

    O 4got 2 add wot evans did u go in coz some of em dont have them

  8. Clare says:

    Just a heads up, Yours Clothing are doing a similar dress for much much less :]


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