When Fashion Bites the Hand That Feeds it

One of the big players and a daily stop for me is the Style Bubble blog written by the lively and inspiring Susie Bubble. Susie is one of the most influential fashion bloggers there is and is highly regarded in the fashion blogosphere and the industry in general for her experimental style and new talent radar, bringing to attention many new names in fashion before they hit the big time. She blogs for love, not money and her reach has extended out of the internet and into “real life” as she has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.

So imagine my surprise when I log onto her blog this afternoon and see this post where she tells us she has had to remove a blog entry she did last week where she posted pics of herself taken in a Pam Hogg store, wearing a Pam Hogg catsuit. Apparently it appears that Pam Hogg who doesn’t allow images of her clothing to be “represented in an uncontrolled environment“, took offence to the images and deemed them “bad publicity”. You can see a couple of the images here…

Now I know that Susie and her boyf were goofing around throwing kung fu moves and didn’t buy anything, but the space that they are in is a helluvalot bigger than a fitting room so if someone was opposed to the pictures being taken why wasn’t something said at the time? SOMEONE must have been around. Also, how is this publicity bad? Susie never said anything negative about the catsuits and the pic of her boyfriend wearing one is just funny, not BAD.

For those that don’t know, Pam Hogg is a UK designer who was first popular in the 80’s and is now making a comeback to the mainstream. The years have rolled by but it looks like Pam Hogg’s head is still stuck in the 80’s power hungry mindset and seems to be unaware that this is the internet age. The internet rules and bloggers wield much influence in all industries so why did she get her knickers in such a twist over the photos? Pam Hogg was duly credited as creator of the catsuit and owner of the shop within which the photos were taken so why get all arsey? Also, Pam Hogg was quite controversial back in the day so why the more conservative stance now? How can you create a collection of space cadet catsuits (and wear them yourself at a mature age) and still take yourself so overly seriously? WHY? WHY? WHY? The whole thing has left Susie feeling quite low and she recounts that shes not felt that way since she was 13 and got thrown out of a designer store for not looking like their prefered clientele. Personally I think Susie should have kept the photos up as they are her own pictures and Pam Hogg (the lady herself and her PR team) have no right to ask her to remove the images. Then again- maybe she did the right thing…. yes, remove the pics so that P.H can have some bad publicity of her own to choke on.

Well Pam Hogg, hows this for representation in an uncontrolled environment?

I think I’ve cheated myself out of around 3lbs here as my knees are fatter than that.


34 Comments on “When Fashion Bites the Hand That Feeds it”

  1. hugh manatee says:

    Just read the style bubble post; what bullshit! Your pic is amazing! 🙂 it makes me want to buy one of these things just to photograph myself sloppily eating cake in it…

  2. Me says:

    LOOOOL Love your pic! Someone should e-mail this to the ‘stuck in the 80’s’ not-so-fashion designer!

  3. WendyB says:

    Ha ha! Love your illustration.

  4. Weesha says:

    hahaha ure awesome !

  5. Natty says:

    Loving your piccie – stick that in your pipe Hogg and smoke it! Linked this to my blog, check it out!

    Natty x

  6. andrea says:

    What’s next- will she want to control who can buy her clothes too? Will you have to be deemed cool enough, tall enough, or rail thin enough? What an asshole!

  7. lani says:

    i loved this post! your commentary and illustration, perfection ❤


  8. lani says:

    i loved this post! your commentary & illustration were perfection. ❤

  9. Ashley K says:

    Hahah you are fantastic, I love your pic! You rock 🙂

  10. ilikedginger says:

    This post is rad. Oddly enough, Hogg-Gate makes me want a crazy catsuit. Just not theirs.

  11. la_vida_gorda says:

    If only we could buy one of those suits and send it to all the fatshionistas to wear and snap a photo in and then post it! Like sisterhood of the traveling catsuit! That would be AWESOME! (for me, not for Hogg).

    You cracked me up with that last picture!

  12. muse says:

    found this post from racked…too funny!!

  13. Signature9 says:

    Best response ever.

  14. HAHA you are totally awesome. ;)) Came here from a link on Racked.

    I don’t know why but somehow it seems less offensive to take photos of oneself trying on clothes in a mass chain store like f21/topshop compared to a specialized boutique… but how cool is it that the designer herself reads Susie’s blog?

  15. EJ says:

    I love this illustration so much. Your blog is fantastic- so glad that I found it! (came through Racked as well)

  16. Agent Lover says:

    Haha yes!! You are awesome!

  17. Fiona says:

    You’ll also notice, in the first pic you can clearly see an assistant in the mirror watching them!!

    Hogg is fool, because in the end Susie’s stock has risen and Hogg’s taken a fall. And no amount of Goddess-Siousxie in your stage-only costumes will change that!

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  19. Rebecca says:

    Fierce! You do that catsuit justice, girl! I am so glad I came across this, you made my whole day!

  20. Danielle says:


  21. Deena says:

    Thanks for all the comments ladies and gents!
    *taking a bow*

  22. That picture is the best laugh I’ve had in ages. You are rockin’ that catsuit!

  23. Heeheee! Your illustration quite made my night. Hope the moron who pronounced Susie Bubble “not ‘pretty’, nor ‘interesting looking’ or in any way fit” to be seen sporting said catsuit, got an eyeful as well. (By the way, gotta say it because nobody else has, WTF with the offending article in the first place?! It looks like a ballroom dancing costume and not in a good way).

    On a slightly more serious – but no less cynical –note, I do rather wonder if the whole thing wasn’t just a naff publicity stunt on Hogg’s part? It puts me in mind of Voyage having a bouncer outside their Fulham Road shop in the 90s asking to see aspiring customers’ business cards and so on to determine if they were the right calibre of person to wear their clothes. If memory serves me right they made the papers for turning away Madonna.

    • Deena says:

      A ballroom dancing costume? Are we looking at the same thing?!!! *cleaning glasses* Looked more like a Star Trek renactment cossie to me! Having said that, I did kinda like how unbelieveably outrageously ridiculous it looked. Would never have worn it even if I was a size 8 but I liked that someone had the balls to design something so intergallacticly OTT. Not any more. Hoggate has put me right off.
      I vaguely remember that incident with Voyage. Didn’t they do the same thing with Naomi Campbell but being Naomi Campbell she threw a right old strop? Now that you mention it thats an interesting possibility. Hmmmmmm *stroking chin*

      • See folk forget, (since Strictly Come Dancing made ballroom trendy), that the original Come Dancing was anything but. Back in the 90s contestants quite often wore spandex leotards to perform certain types of dance. Oh, the horror…

        I knew the Voyage thing would resonate! Who, apart from ancient bods like me who are old enough to remember Hogg the first time around, had even heard of her before this fracas? On the other hand, how many people were well acquainted with Ms Bubble? You mark my words – if you want to create a hoo-hah, spurn a likable, well respected fashion icon.

      • Deena says:

        Ha! I have definitely forgotten. I’m wracking my brain trying to remember what people wore for the original Come Dancing but all I can see are the spangly outfits from Strictly. I am going to have to trawl through You Tube to amuse myself with pics of people leaping around in Star Trek dance suits. I do however, remember Hot Gossip and Legs & Co and some of the getups they used to wear and can only imagine it must be the same thing. I used to think they were so stylish when I was 6.
        If Pam Hogg really was conspiring to up her profile then its certainly worked and it will only be a matter of time before we see Lady Gaga sporting a Bacofoil catsuit. Without the legs of course.

  24. mereim says:

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  25. […] Susie Bubble’s Bubble – fashion blogger justice fast and fierce for designer Pam Hoggs (via […]

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