Unlikely Fashion Inspiration

Image borrowed from anewmode.com

… Not because shes skinny but because as I stated in a post earlier this year, I don’t really do hippie chic. Having said that, I do love Nicole Ritchie’s style because it suits her so well and its consistent. Regardless of what trends come and go Nicole Ritchie generally sticks to her boho aesthetic which makes her look appear more personally picked and less stylist assisted than someone like say- Beyonce who always has the latest thing however ugly it is and thus appears to be more styled than Nicole- though I don’t doubt for a moment that she also has a stylist (still with Rachel Zoe?)

This is the first outfit post I’ve done on here (trying on clothes in a fitting room doesn’t count) but I’m so pleased with the result I’ve just got to share what I wore today to become (fairy) godmother to my friend’s daughter. I originally was going to wear this dress but while testing it out at home I discovered that it rides up when I’m seated plus I don’t think its well suited to a christening. Its more “club with friends” than “church with family” so I dashed off and bought the hippie number at the last minute.

Never worn a maxi dress before and I think I like it.

Forgive the dishevelled hair. Photo was taken at the end of the day.

Dress- New Look

Cardi- New Look

Sandals- Evans

Bag- Vintage

Necklaces- Rag Market

Bangles- Evans last summer

Earrings- H&M years ago


10 Comments on “Unlikely Fashion Inspiration”

  1. Valerie says:

    You look great! I wore a maxidress today because the weather was so hot (for once! lol) and I felt really comfortable in it. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    That dress has a really fabulous cut, it fits you perfectly round the waist/bust area. You’ve styled it really well too, lovely!

  3. emmme says:

    I really like the /new Look dress too! I’m really busty–is it cut small in the top?

  4. emmme says:

    I meant the shorter dress. Does it have any give?

    • Deena says:

      Hi Emme- There is no give at the bust. The fabric doesn’t stretch and there is no elastic. However, with a strapless dress I guess you don’t really want it to stretch too much because you want the support. Its also boned. I’m very busty too and its a snug fit but feels secure, not too tight.

  5. Deena says:

    Thanks for the compliments ladies!

  6. Weesha says:

    You look lovely, the dress is super pretty and I’m really wishing I had those earrings and necklace!
    I’ve recently fallen in love with maxi dresses too 🙂

  7. Wow, I LOVE the outfit! I wish I could wear it this weekend…:)

  8. Deena says:

    Thanks Weesha and Sweettorts!

  9. You look great, that dress really suits you; one in the eye to all those stylists that say you have to be tall and skinny to wear a maxi dress! Pah!

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