Small But Significant

I’ve been a regular reader of the Saturday edition of The Guardian for years and years but I have NEVER seen them feature plus size clothes in any  editorials in the Weekend magazine supplement. Until yesterday. Is this a sign of things to come?

Dress featured is the dress I modelled here, which is this one from Evans.

Regular readers of Weekend will also have noticed that they no longer exclusively use twentysomething models in one of their main regular features, and now use models from a wide age range from 20s- 60s, adapting each look or trend they are showcasing to show age appropriate interpretations. With their new more inclusive changes maybe we’ll see a plus size model within its pages soon.

PS- In case you’re squinting and scrutinising this picture trying to figure out which one of these ladies I think is in their 60’s- forget it. The particular model I was thinking of hasn’t been used in this issue.


3 Comments on “Small But Significant”

  1. A says:

    I’ve noticed that about Weekend/Observer recently and I like it. I think it can only work in the manufacturer/designer’s favour – broaden the appeal, broaden the market.

    Also, it helps me think about clothes that could be timeless, which is nice.

  2. I don’t generally buy newspapers so only get to see folks’ discarded Sunday supplements on the tube of a weekend – but it sounds like dropping the Observer a congratulatory line on including a wider demographic is definitely in order.

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