Ice Cream Dress of the Week

The second thing I’ve ever seen from Yours and thought OoooOOooOoooo. They’re getting better. I might actually buy something soon.

Yours, £22

Clean, simple, like it.

Inspired by this Miu Miu dress from SS2008

Miu Miu

Image from

But also reminds me of this…

From dominocat on Flickr

Minus the sprinkles of course.

However, ,looking at this…

From British Cream Tea on Etsy

you could hand stitch the sprinkles on it yourself if you really wanted to wear an ice cream lolly dress……..


Along a similar theme I found these from Jessica London…

jessica London, From $39.99



2 Comments on “Ice Cream Dress of the Week”

  1. christina says:

    I am still so in love with that collection. i was going to buy the teacup mary janes from that collection for my bday last year and didn’t. i still regret it as i can’t find them in my size anywhere.

  2. Emma says:

    I bought that top dress it’s really nice and v flattering as the high waist band actually makes it look like you’ve got one and a tiny one at that lol =]

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