Designing for Plus Sizes- Someone Actually Doing Research

Found this thread on Fashion Incubator which is an online resource for the fashion industry, and its a query from someone who is doing research into the needs of the plus size customer. 

My name is Bernadette, I am doing some research into plus-size fashions (UK 16 – 26), and was wondering if you could help me with a query I have.

My question is this- when designing clothes for the fuller figured woman, are there any special considerations which have to be given to either the design, or the fabrics because of the more voluptuous, less sleek body shape? FOr example, do the materials need slight reinforcing at the seams? Are there materials which probably should not be used?

 Because of the nature of the website, the responses so far are from other designers and seamstresses who can give technical feedback from an industry perspective, but in order to really tap into what the plus size customer requires there needs to be some discussion with plus size customers themselves- or rather ourselves. Who else is going to know what we want and need from our wardrobe? 

Its unspecific what the research is going to be used for, whether Bernadette is a student or an industry insider but either way, someone is asking us what we want rather than telling us what we should be seen in and I think we  should respond.  See link below.

Fashion Incubator Research.


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