Making Work Shoes Werk

Statement necklaces, statement shoes, statement jackets- fashion has had more to say these past couple of seasons than ever before. Its as though mere hints and suggestions are decidedly off trend- if you want to say something sartorial you have to shout. With this in mind I’ve given my new shoes a voice. While I couldn’t add a staggeringly high sculptural heel I’ve done a bit of DIY.

 I bought these new work shoes yesterday from Evans and at £15 they were a bit of a bargain but they’re a bit dull even by ballet flat standards- no glossy leather, no glitter- not even so much as a shoe string bow. So I raided my haberdashery cupboard, pulled out some ribbon and some trimmings that I had forgotten about and got to work. If you want to do something similar but don’t know where to start heres a quick tutorial. Hope it doesn’t sound patronising, to anyone. I know that not everyone knows how to sew so I’ve made it as simple as possible.

What you’ll need:

  • Around 1.5m of 25mm/ 1″ ribbon
  • A decorative  centre piece for your rosette- you can use beads from a broken necklace, sequins, or large sew on flat beads like I’ve done. I got mine from MJ Trimmings.
  • Needle and thread

Form your rosette by folding the ribbon over and under as shown in the pic, holding the centre and creating a circular shape as you go along. 

You can make as many or as few loops as you like, I’ve done seven. Once you have done them and are happy with the size and position stitch the rosette in place through the centre. This doesn’t have to be super neat, you just want to make sure the loops don’t move so ensure that you stitch through every layer of ribbon.

 Make a smaller rosette using the same method as before and stitch both rosettes together in the centre to hold them together securely.


 Now sew your chosen centre embellishment to the centre of your rosette, covering your previous stitches. You won’t necessarily need to sew through all layers of ribbon, you can just stitch it to the top layer but ensure that its very secure. Once you have done this you’re ready to sew it to your shoe. If you want to make it removeable you can stitch one of these to the back.

From this…

To this..

 One pair of shoes. Pimped.


7 Comments on “Making Work Shoes Werk”

  1. Weesha says:

    Oh those are very, very cute!!

  2. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-what a fabulous diy job, they are totally transformed,well done! thanks for stopping by too!

  3. lifestartsnow says:

    great job and thanks for the idea! i’m not an avid diy person but i think i can do this, too.

    yeah 🙂

  4. Deena says:

    Thanks ladies!

  5. Deena says:

    If you try this let me stress- sew the rosettes to your shoes ULTRA EXTRA SECURELY. Do as many stitches as you think you need plus a couple extra. One of mine fell off yesterday but thankfully I was in the office and I always have a needle and thread with me.

  6. miggy says:

    Such a great idea. Very cute.
    Just came across your blog and am loving it.


  7. Vanoue says:

    They are really cute! I am going to try to sew with some pumps! Thanks for the tutorial!

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