Topshop Sells Plus Sizes!

Made you look.

No, your dreams haven’t come true. Topshop does not sell size 26 clothes but this is me and my size 26 body trying on clothes in Toppers and get this- they’re too big.

I love it when trends work in my favour. The luxury sportswear look has spawned a newer relaxed loose fit to clothing to the point where I can go into Toppers and try something on. Who’d have thunk it?

Despite not being able to fit anything apart from the accessories I regularly go into Topshop and other straight size stores to see whats available and keep up with the latest looks.  The luxe sport trend has seen a flood of jersey clothing hitting the rails and the cut for this particular trend has been very generous- harem pants, jumpsuits etc. Garments have become bigger but this is the first I’ve seen something cut so big that I can actually get into it. It’s a size M/L and makes me wonder what it would look like on someone who was a size 12-14 who it was created for. Would I wear it? NOPE! Its as unflattering as I expected it to be. I only tried it on for the hell of it.

There was also this cardi-

Which is also a size M/L and very loose. Again, I only tried it on for the hell of it but it fits a bit better and I like the feel of it. Its lightweight, 100% viscose with short sleeves that are meant to be ruched up. I thought the sleeves would be too tight because of course its made for someone much smaller, but they were fine. Would I buy it? No, although it looks a helluva lot better than the floral top, I prefer my cardies a bit less balloon shaped even if they are loose. Still, trying them on amused me and the looks I got from the skinny girls as I walked into the fitting room were priceless. 🙂


10 Comments on “Topshop Sells Plus Sizes!”

  1. lilyblue says:

    Oh my! The first top is terrible and you are right to leave it on the racks. I wouldn’t want to see that on a skinny girl or a fat girl. Just awful.

  2. christina says:

    just yesterday i was browsing the topshop site looking at the dresses and said ‘i’m going to order one for the hell of it to see if it fits.’ i didn’t see one that i wanted to buy but i’m definitely keeping my eye out for this experiment. we’ll see jsut how s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y their jersey really is!

  3. sinead says:

    I actually really like that first top. I’d only wear it tucked in to a skirt, but I think its cool. If only they did legit plus sizes…

  4. Wanderusting says:

    I agree, the white cardy looks cute but that floral thing is not flattering, on anyone! But that’s because I hate 80’s florals lol

  5. Deena says:

    Hi Ladies
    The shape of the top is terrible on me but I like the fabric and will definately be looking for something in a similar print that actually fits. I like the 90’s grunginess of it and its making me miss my DM boots that I wore to death.

    Christina- Looking out for your experiment!

    Wanderlusting- I never say I hate anything anymore because I always find myself wearing whatever it was I hated a few months later!

  6. I noticed this trend too last week. I got into some straight-size
    Ls in H&M – a few tops and also a pair of zebra print leggings, (which I bought – because, hey, zebra print leggings!). Also similar things happening in Wallis. Bizarrely I also found a top in H&M from their generally craptacular plus-sized range, which works very nicely on me as a dress. This was, wait for it, a size 28. I am a size 22 and paired it with my straight size L leggings. Sizing’s all over the shop right now.

    • Deena says:

      I’ve always found the sizing in H&M to be odd. I used to think it was just me being in denial about the size i really am but then other people started saying it too. Now I just hold things up to my body and take a guess as to whether it will fit or not.

      I can’t stand the BiB range and don’t know why H&M constantly serve dull clothing year after year. I find things in there occasionally but only basics like a basic black coat or a denim skirt, nothing like the fashionable stuff available in their main ranges. Half the time when I go to the BiB section I see someone there moaning about how bad the range is.

      • BiB is truly ghastly. I actually can’t remember the last thing I bought from them – I think it was a (dull, sleeveless, navy) shift dress about 10 years ago! (I now use it to wedge the bedroom door shut so my cats don’t jump on my head when I’m trying to sleep. Infinitely preferable to wearing it).

  7. Limon Ivy says:

    It’s good to see that it’s finally getting easier to buy clothes if you’re a bit bigger than your average wafer-thin girl, although there’s a long way to go yet!

    I sell plus-size lingerie online and you wouldn’t believe how thankful my customers are to find a shop which not only caters to them, but is based around their specific needs!

    Big girls need to look great too!

    Jo x

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