My 80’s Obsession Continues

I’ve seen my future and its not bright. I can already foresee that I will become one of those crazy looking old ladies who wears clothes that are at least 40years out of date and become the subject of ridicule for the neighbourhood children- some adults too. I’m going to become the 2039 equivalent of the old ladies you see today who still wear pale pink frosted lipstick and pearly light blue eyeshadow just because it looked hot when they were teens. My children are going to surprise me with a visit from the future Trinny and Susannah who will greet me with cries of, “oh my God, what ARE you wearing?” and rifle through my wardrobe, arms spinning like cartwheels as they throw out everything except my knickers.

I should just go the whole hog and get a jheri curl (again) as that time draws nearer, just to punctuate the retro look I’ll be clinging to in old age. Hey- maybe I could dye my jheri hot pink like Zandra Rhodes and really embrace my batty old lady status……..

OK, I’ve really gone off on one now and have probably said enough to put you right off what I came on here to show you in the first place. Apologies. Once I get talking about something I can’t stop and its not like there’s anyone here to reign me in. Now back to the original focus of this post….

One of my favourite collections for Spring Summer ’09 was from Topshop Unique, partly because of the sorbet colour prints that I could almost taste, and  and partly because  as it looked like it had been inspired by my wardrobe circa 1986. I will never forget my pale pink and grey ankle grazing trousers with the white paint splash print all over and if I find any fabric in a similar design, I swear, its gonna be 1986 all over again. In lieu of the paint splash trousers I’m definitely picking up some of these items……..

…and maybe in duplicate as I will need something to wear in 2039.

1. Jeans- $52 Torrid, 2. Top £22 Dorothy Perkins, 3. Earrings £6 Diva, 4. Sunnies- £104 Urban Outfitters, 5. Bag £12 Miss Selfridge, 6. Tunic/Dress- £25 Dorothy Perkins, 7. Bleach wash denim skirt $34 Torrid, 8. Cut out shoes £65 Office, 9. Vest- £23 Evans, 10. Pink jeans $44.99 Ralph Lauren, 11. Lilac brogues £55 Office 12. Zig zag print bag £ 15 Lazy Oaf


5 Comments on “My 80’s Obsession Continues”

  1. Wonderlander says:

    I’ve got love for the 80’s! Just did a project based on icons like Marty McFly, Debbie Harry and Madonna- and I absolutely heart the Topshop Unique collection!

  2. christina says:

    ahhh that asymmetric tunic/dress is so amazing. ugh, i just spend the last of my money at evans. i hope it doesn’t sell out of my size before next week’s paycheck!

  3. magickalrealism says:

    I have mixed feelings about the 80s, but I admit that I love the #2 top – that I could work in over a straight skirt for my own time anomaly.

  4. They say if you’re old enough to have worn something the first time around, you’re too old to wear it when it comes back again … to which I reply with a resounding raspberry. I adore 80s fashion – all those jewel tones are making me squee to the rafters!

    • Deena says:

      Hi Ladies!
      Wonderlander- …remembering the Michael J Fox posters I had on my wall……
      Magic- I tried on the #2 top but it was too tight. Drat and blast!
      Buttercup- raspberries all round!

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