Gok’s Fashion Fix #3

I should re-name this the Gok Wan, Beth Ditto Jumpsuit Blog because that’s all I seem to bang on about. True to form, this post is about Gok and the Fashion Fix prog earlier this week. I’m a bit late with this but sometimes life just gets in the way of the good stuff. Apologies for the crappy pics too and that irritating black bar through the centre of half of them- taking photos of the TV is trickier than I thought.

This week Gok performed his usual magic on a 33 year old size 18 woman who had a wardrobe full of black clothes- 215 items of black clothing to be precise. Among all the black items she had a selection of clothes from her slimmer days that she was holding onto just in case she ever lost weight, (I can relate!) which of course were thrown out. The black items were relegated and “Auntie Gok” waved his magic wand and gave her wardrobe a colour injection in the way of gorgeous Anna Scholz clothing and a selection of high street items.

How did she look? Well I didn’t like the first outfit although I did like most of the individual items. I love the neckline on that top but didn’t like it teamed with the turquoise necklace. Yes it draws the eye upwards which was Gok’s intention but she looks a bit like shes being strangled (plus a tad bit mumsy)…….. and I didn’t like the jacket at all.

On the other hand, she looked GORGEOUS in the Anna Scholz dress which yes, is still a black base but with that beautiful print it can be excused.

Further in the programme the Fashion Fix test panel tried out shirts by going on a supermarket sweep type trolley dash around a supermarket making sure they jump and bounce around to give the shirts as rigorous a testing as possible to see if they ride up, pull and pop buttons. The best one of the bunch scored 10/10 and was this shirt by Bravissimo

– which is especially tailored for big busts. It comes in sizes 8- 18 and is available in bust sizes curvy, really curvy and super curvy and there is a size chart on the website to help you determine which curvy cut you need. Its a great idea which means you no longer have to have a shirt that flaps around your belly just so that it can accommodate a large bust. Genius. However, all the larger sizes have sold out and there are only sizes 8, 10 and 12 left at the moment. There are other specially tailored garments on the website so its worth checking out.

You can watch all the Fashion Fix programmes for yourself on the Channel 4 website here, where you can also find more info on all the items featured in all the programmes.

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