Snackbox Battles

Well I’ve finally done it. I have now sampled each of the six flavours of crisps and am ready to cast my vote. For those of you who have no idea what this is let me explain. For the past few months crisp manufacturer Walkers have been running a competition for the public to choose a new crisp flavour from a shortlist of new flavour ideas that were submitted by the public. The winner will join the ranks with old favourites such as ready salted, roast beef, cheese and onion etc and be available permanently. My verdict on each flavour is as follows:

Chilli & Chocolate: One word- HORRID. I couldn’t taste a specific chocolate taste but there was definitely something sweet in there. The chilli flavour was too strong and you could barely taste the potato crisp itself. As I said- horrid.

Builder’s Breakfast: I had high hopes for this one as I had heard it was quite impressive the way that Walkers had isolated the taste of each breakfast food (sausage, egg, bacon, tomato) onto different sections of each crisp so each one tastes slightly different. It was a good idea but I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t call it horrid, just nothing special.

Cajun Squirrel: What do squirrels taste like? Did someone actually eat a squirrel and try to replicate the taste for this flavour? I doubt it but I like the thought of someone being so antagonised by the pesky squirrels in their garden that they have exacted a metaphoric revenge by imagining them on their dinner plate, smothered in a Cajun flavour seasoning. Or maybe the person who submitted this flavour is a real squirrel lover and wanted to pay homage to his or her furry friends by dedicating a crisp flavour in their honour. Either way, its an inspired idea and they taste great.

Onion Bhaji: Flavour was OK but I prefer the taste of onion bhaji on actual onion bhajis.

Fish & Chips: YUK!!!! Of all the flavours I would have thought this would be the easiest one to get right. I mean- you have the potato already there, you just have to add a bit of vinegar and a slight fish flavouring, non? Well it was nasty. It was more like Fish & Fish and was the vilest of the lot..

And the winner is…….

Crispy Hoisin Duck!

It was a close call as I also like the Cajun Squirrel variety but this gets my vote as I  LOVE hoisin sauce and use it on all meats- yes, I like it that much.

Voting is open until May 1st and you can vote once a day. If you are able to buy the crisps where you are then go ahead but if not, please just go to the website and vote for the duck. Do it for me. 🙂

Click here for more info.


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