De- Grannifying the Dress

The plus section on last nights Gok’s Fashion Fix focused on dresses for the same group of women from Rotheram sized 16- 28, who test drove the swimsuits from last weeks episode. Each woman wore a dress from a different retailer and commenced to put their respective frocks through its paces by rock n rolling the afternoon away on a dance floor. After vigorous boogie they gave a verbal review and an overall score out of ten.

Most ladies seemed to be moderately happy with their dresses with the exception of two. One woman scored her dress with one out of ten (can’t remember who it was by, I was too busy taking photos) and the woman featured in the last photo posted above didn’t like her dress at all. It looks pretty comfortable and flattering but she commented that,




“I’m 24 but this dress makes me look 64”.






I quite like it myself and have been eyeing it up on the Evans website but haven’t tried it on. I’m nowhere near 64 but I quite like “granny” dresses – I’m wearing something pretty granny-esque right now, but I understand her point. This post is dedicated to you, young lady in the granny dress….. (btw I love your hair)

De- Grannification in Five Easy Steps

1. Cut a few inches off the bottom of the offending dress to whatever length you like. A couple of inches above the knees is a good length but of course, its up to you. You can leave the hem raw or turn it up by hand depending on how rugged/ finished you want the overall look to be. If you can’t sew use wonderweb.

2. Get some brightly coloured leggings or tights to wear underneath. A clashing pattern would be fabulous but a plain colour will work just as well.

3. Layer dress over a plain white vest.

4. Get a cropped blazer or tuxedo style jacket and ruche the sleeves up, Miami Vice/ Duran Duran style.

5. Put on your highest, funkiest heels and away you go.

More Topshop, less Damart.



Jacket- £40 Dorothy Perkins, Dress-£40 Evans , Leggings-£14 Dorothy Perkins, Shoes- £95 Topshop.


10 Comments on “De- Grannifying the Dress”

  1. Emily says:

    LOVE those styling ideas! I have to agree with the girl on the prog that in its raw form she did look bloody awful in that dress. I wasn’t really keen on any of the others either though to be fair!
    On another note, what would I give for the designer print dress…gorgeous!

  2. Like how you degrannyfied the dress, but I would have kept it knee length, wore the shoes and put big earrings and and oversized, funky, leather, neon-coloured clutch. Yummo!

  3. Prissi Chic says:

    The last dress was the best of the bunch, but I can see what she meant. The print is a bit grannyriffic if its left alone.

    I probably would of belted it with a wild color belt/scarf and paired it with a hot shoe and some bangles.

    I think you did great. The jacket broke up the pattern beautifully, and I think a patterned tight would have rocked!!!

  4. jb says:

    I love, love, love your blog. Your take on the plus size industry is interesting and refreshing.

    Because I am in the U.S., I didn’t know anything about plus size fashion overseas and you are doing your region of the world justice by focusing on fabulous things.

    I’m a plus size blogger myself and I hope we can communicate with each other in the future.

    Oh yes, and love the styling tips!


  5. Deena says:

    Emily– I think I missed the designer print dress 😦 Who was it by?

    Raquel– I like the idea of an oversized neon clutch and may have to add that to my real life shopping list…

    Prissi– Why does no one do plus size patterned tights? We Love Colours are great for plus size tights in bright colours and tie dye effects but absolutely NO ONE does patterned tights with florals or geometric designs. Why oh WHY????? If I’m missing something and someone knows where I can find such things, please let me know.

    JB Thanks for the blog love! And whats your blog url?

  6. Emily says:

    Here you go, it’s a bloody awful picture considering it’s from the show’s own site!

    • Deena says:

      Ooooooh, THAT dress. I remember that dress- its by Basso and Brooke. I love it, its amazingly colourful. I wonder if there is anywhere you can buy old sample lengths of designer fabric? I have never been to a designer sample sale but maybe as well as selling sample clothes they sell sample lengths of fabric……

  7. jb says:

    Hi Deena,
    The url is 🙂

  8. Deborah says:

    fabulous de-grannifacation. I love the final look and your blog!!!!!! I found you this morning as I was searching for Elena Miro clothes. The store that carried them here in Bermuda has stopped due to the exchange rates.
    Must tell you that I love you in the Evan’s face jumper. I’m going to see if they can ship to Bermuda.
    PS: Do you have a page on Facebook??

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