Super Super Indeed

I am fast becoming a Super Super magazine fan. Last month they gave us curvy fashion inspiration in the form of Jobot (I’ve not forgotten that I promised you an interview, it will come soon) and this month they have once again done a fashion feature on someone who isn’t sample size skinny, in the form of Anita from Cock ‘n’ Bull Kid. Strictly speaking, she probably wouldn’t identify herself as being “plus sized” but its good to see people who aren’t model thin being lauded for their fashion sense. Click images to read the text.

Super Super also get kudos for doing a street style feature in my home city and focusing on more mature everyday people than you generally see in street style shots. They’re not super stylish people with this season’s whatever, but I like the fact that they are just ordinary day to day folk you would see in any town  rather than fashiony types with very considered looks. I especially like the guy in the top right of the second image with his carrier bag slung over his walking stick Dick Whittington style.


One Comment on “Super Super Indeed”

  1. Mads says:

    Hey Deena thanks for visiting my blog!! It only proves that you can be stylish at any age..=) Hope you check back with my blog soon..

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