Gok- Plus Size Swimwear

The new series of Gok’s Fashion Fix started yesterday and of course I was glued to the screen trying to catch a glimpse of myself. Was I shown? Nope. I saw people who were standing directly in front of me at the filming but I was just off camera; or edited out. Knowing me I probably wasn’t smiling enough as I have a tendency to look pissed off when I’m just standing around on my own. Its not deliberate, my face just falls into said pissed off position and there it remains, looking miserable and scaring people off.

It appears that GFF has this year taken on an additional angle as yesterday’s show included a feature on plus size swimwear and next week they’re having a plus size section focusing on party dresses. Is this an ongoing theme for the the entire series? I hope so. Yesterday’s focus on swimsuits saw a wide range of women of all ages and from sizes 16- 28 test driving swimwear by putting various swimsuits from Miraclesuit, Next and Triumph among others, through their paces and seeing how they hold up after a circuit of water sliding and volleyball. Surprisingly, the suit from Next scored the highest ahead of those from experts like Miraclesuit and Triumph which isn’t the result I expected. It reinforces the idea that the most expensive product isn’t necessarily the one that will perform the best although none of them were terrible.

If you missed yesterday’s episode it will be repeated on E4 on Friday, 9pm.


Read Gok’s interview with The Guardian here.


2 Comments on “Gok- Plus Size Swimwear”

  1. Tracy says:

    OMG! I wish Gok Wan would come to America. His interview was awesome.

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