Fat Day Therapy #2

If you cast your mind back to earlier days on FGLNCT you may remember a post I did entitled Fat Day Therapy where I posted several pictures of the gorgeous Kelli- Jean Drinkwater and explained the concept behind the idea of Fat Day Therapy.  After seeing these colourful pictures of a woman known as Jobot in issue 15 of Super Super magazine, I have decided to make Fat Day Therapy a regular feature and continually hunt down images of curvy women who look fabulous and make me smile.

Who is this Jobot? Well your guess is as good as mine. I’ve never heard of her prior to seeing her in Super Super so can’t really tell you much about her. SS describe her as ” ..the product of an experiment in which riot girl bravado was mixed with rave freedom…” which tells me nothing about who she actually is. I’ve tried searching the web but haven’t been able to find any more info about this pink haired wonder with a Rainbow Brite tattoo so I’m guessing she is probably a new musician and maybe only popular in particular circles. Anyone have any info? Whoever she is I love her style and the vibrant clash of brights that make her jump off the pages. She exudes confidence, sass and attitude and that’s why she has to be inducted into the FDT photo album.

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******************** THE UPDATE!!!!********************

I FOUND HER!!!! I am SO excited! I found Jobot’s Myspace page via the Super Super Myspace page and made contact. Jobot is as friendly as her hair is bright and has agreed to a little tete a tete with FGLNCT so watch this space!

5 Comments on “Fat Day Therapy #2”

  1. buffpuff says:

    Sadly I know nothing about her but I think she looks fabulous. Heartening to discover she found some of her clothes in Brick Lane too.

  2. Diana says:

    I love the idea of a Fat Day therapy session! And she’s so…how can you not be chipper with bright pink hair?

    I also tried searching Myspace for her – nothing. Maybe someone at the magazine knows?

  3. jobot says:

    hello my darlings and here i am!!
    what an absolute HONOUR to be featured on such a worthwhile blog – especially to be sitting alongside my heroines like beth ditto and cool grrrls who are TOTALLY doing it for themselves and not letting their waist size dictate their lives.

    come and be my friend on myspace of facebook – hugest love to you all and fight on – we can TOTALLY do this together!!

    hugest colour and lovve lovve lovvveee

    x jobot


  4. TheraisaK says:

    Congrats to Jobot 🙂 The wild hair colors haven’t changed since the days I knew her in high school. She’s still as brightly, colorful and creative as always 🙂

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