The Lilac Time

There I was having my weekly stroll through House of Fraser after work and I screeched to a halt in front of this jacket from Chesca and started to ooo and aaaah, much to the amusement  of a nearby sales assistant. I immediately thought of Luella’s brilliant spring summer ’09 collection and tried the jacket on. I have nowhere to wear it to but its a beautiful jacket, 100% silk with pleated cuffs and there are also pleats inset into the collar although you can’t really tell in the photo. It looks much better IRL than in this picture that is taken from the website. Unfortunately there is no matching skirt. I have visions of an equally gorgeous slightly tapered skirt that hits just below the knees with a pleated fishtail type hem, but there is nothing available. The only items that match this jacket is a mother of the bride style dress that is pretty in its own right but not something I would wear myself.  Still, I don’t know why I’m worrying about what I would wear it with when I’ve already said that I have nowhere to wear such a jacket to. A bit like the Lane Bryant dress I’ve used in the image- its beautiful but I have no occasion for it. Oh well.

Brooch $45- Ink & Ocean on Etsy, Jacket- £185 ChescaOrange Leather Gloves £80- Anidote, Shoes- Topshop- £63.37, Alice band- £2.59 Glitz4Girlz, Dress- $52.12 Lane Bryant, Bag- £49 Mischa Barton at ASOS,


3 Comments on “The Lilac Time”

  1. Diana says:

    I often get the advice of “dress for the life you have” but sometimes, when something really cool crosses my path, I think about ignoring this advice – only to have something really pretty hanging in my closet, taunting me. It sounds like you’re experiencing a similar temptation. There should be a term for that, like fashion bait, or something.

  2. Deena says:

    Yes, I really do feel like I’ve been baited! When I was at school there was a suit I used to love and tried it on every week or so until it was no longer available. As a schoolgirl I had no need for a suit but used to parade around the fitting room fantasising about wearing it to work. I can see myself repeating this ritual again some sixteen years later- maybe not with the same frequency but definately several times at least!

  3. Jasper says:

    It is indeed a gorgeous jacket! (you should buy it! :P) I totally understand as I’m the same – a wardrobe half-full of things I’ve never worn but love. Six-inch boots, anyone? Really bad idea, I know. I’m loving lilacs and lavenders right now and I think they’ll be perfect for our upcoming (but not-very-cold) winter.

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