Look But Don’t Touch

Beth Ditto this, Beth Ditto that, I really am turning into a BD internet stalker and you’re probably rolling your eyes at the mere mention of her name YET AGAIN on this blog. Pah- get used to it! 🙂

Thanks to regular reader Emily for giving me the heads up on her feature in this weeks Look magazine. As soon as I heard I jumped into my shoes and went out to get a copy. I’m a sad cow with no life- what can I say?

The photos are taken at the recent Paris shows with Beth looking all chirpy, bright and colourful in the very distinctive Jeremy Scott prints, in the bottom right there’s a section called “Get Beth’s Look”. Unfortunately the items of clothing required to “Get Beth’s Look” (you can’t really see them clearly but they are heart printed)are from Topshop and Asos and we all know they only go up to a 14/16. Sigh. Its not the fault of Look magazine though, they’ve done the best they can, it’s just because there’s nothing remotely similar in any plus size high street store for them to use. Oh well. Still, I like the pictures and I may have to go fabric shopping to “Get Beth’s Look” in my own size.


3 Comments on “Look But Don’t Touch”

  1. Emily says:

    Haha, you really did run out and get it! I loooove the cartoon print dress and have to say I had the same thoughts about the ‘Get Beth’s Look’ section :-S

  2. Lauren says:

    It’s very annoying, but on the other hand it’s maybe almost flattering to think that a thin woman would have a plus sized fashion icon and emulate her wardrobe, if that makes sense? But yes, I wonder if they realise women above size 16 read their magazine?

  3. I think I can fit a UK size 18. Love the heart dress and the dance step dress!

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