I Had a Vision of Love

Since my initial excitement about the then pending launch of Love magazine a few weeks ago I’ve not said a peep about it since it went on sale. The reason behind this is because I was somewhat disappointed by it. As I wasn’t overly impressed I wrote about other things instead and have continually pushed my Love review to the back of the closet. Now its time to talk. 

I really wanted to love Love, but I don’t. I bought my copy the day after it launched, sat in a silent room and consumed it. I was left wanting. It just wasn’t what I expected from a Katie Grand magazine. I expected breathtaking daydream inducing imagery, clever styling and a complete  mindblowing  magazine experience. Instead what I feel we have is a mediocre fashion magazine which isn’t as hard hitting as I had hoped for.

My very first impression when I started reading it was hmm…. there’s a lot of adverts in here. Now I know you get a lot of ads at the beginning of glossies like Vogue et al but the ads in Love just seemed to go on and on and on. The layout was okay but okay wasn’t what I had anticipated. The theme of Fame and Fortune ran throughout with lots of question and answer interviews but I found them a touch tiresome after a while. The best things about this issue was the Beth Ditto interview and the piece on Central St Martins, everything else was just okay. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the magazine was rubbish as it wasn’t, far from it,  it just didn’t meet my expectations but I wouldn’t write it off just yet. Despite feeling that issue one was a bit of an anti climax I still look forward to the next issue in around six months time and hope the sophmore effort will realise the dreams and aspirations I had for the debut.

In the meanwhile, here are some images from Love that I did like.


2 Comments on “I Had a Vision of Love”

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my god, the adverts! It took me seriously about 5 minutes of flicking to get to some actual content.
    Have you seen the double page Ditto spread in Look this week?

  2. Deena says:

    No!!! I am usually first in Line for Look magazine on a Tuesday but I’ve not past a newsagent selling one today. I am very tempted to jump into my car and go get one right this minute. In fact…….

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