Monif C, Superstylin’ for Spring

I previously mentioned that coral was my colour of the season and illustrated ideas of how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Well here’s the addendum piece to that coral loving post. This super sexy dress has more going for it than just a great colour. The exposed zipper that I’ve seen on many a runway adds a definite edge and I like the modified body con shape; fitted but not skin tight. I’m not a big advocate for Spanx but I would certainly need a little help to pull this off. Its a shame I can’t walk into a store and try it on because I would love to see how I look in something as clingy as this.

Dress- $178, Monif C.  Available from March 27th


In more Monif C news I spotted this dress that bears a striking resemblence to a certain inauguration ballgown worn  by a certain first lady.

Its the ever popular Marilyn convertiable dress in a new longer length and it looks stunning.

Have you ever bought a Marilyn convertible dress from Monif C? How was it for you? I ask because its only available in one size to fit sizes 8- 24. I know the skirt section is the only fully formed part of the dress and the rest of the dress is constructed from ties that wrap around the body, but I don’t get how a size 8 “skirt” can also fit a size 24 body. Wouldn’t it just end up too tight around the middle? I guess that’s where the magic comes in and why this dress is popular. I’m intrigued.

Dress- $235 Monif C. Available March 27th.


4 Comments on “Monif C, Superstylin’ for Spring”

  1. FrumpyGibbon says:

    That first dress is a great colour.

    I’ve never bought a Marilyn dress but I’ve been intrigued by them for months. I would guess that the longer length one would be super, super long though. I have a Monif C dress that comes down to my knees (and I’m 5’5-ish) whereas in the pictures of that model it’s mid-thigh.

  2. Deena says:

    I think I saw on the website that the model they use in the photoshoots is 6ft. If thats the case then the majority of us will need some serious platforms with killer heels to wear the floor length dress.

    Maybe they could custom make it?

  3. Monif says:

    Just an FYI ladies, we made the length on the long convertible so it would graze the top of your foot on a 5’7″ girl. We actually customed the Long Convertible for the model so you all wouldn’t say how can this be long and it hits the model (who is 6′) at her calf. So just an FYI, the length should be fine for most average height women.

    Thanks for posting about our dress!

  4. Deena says:

    Monif C herself! Hello! *waving* Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us some info on the Marilyn dress length. Now we know!

    Is it normal for me to feel all smiley and a smidge starstruck because two of my favourite designers have stopped by and commented within a week? Or maybe I just need to get a grip.

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