New Lane Bryant Catalogue

As much as I love the no flapping about appeal of Internet shopping I still like the thrill of getting a new catalogue in the post. I like the thud as it hits the doormat and the smell of the brand new freshly printed pages. Maybe I’m just a weirdo. Or maybe I’m not alone because the big decision makers at Lane Bryant seem to agree with me and have launched a new retail catalogue (or catalog if you’re reading this stateside) with toll free number to place your orders. The catalogue is the latest addition to the Lane Bryant shopping experience which comprises of almost 800 stores and

The catalogue focuses on two main collections:

 Femme Sophisticate which features soft ruffles, layered tiers and soft fabrics with an element of fresh spring romanticism and elegance.

Nouveau Boho which is a retro inspired trend which fuses free spirited, elegant styles with a carefree bohemian lifestyle.

The toll free number to get your copy of the catalogue and place orders is 866- 886-4731.


One Comment on “New Lane Bryant Catalogue”

  1. myra manning says:

    You’re not weird – I like to hold a catalog in my hands too. They call us “tactile” people. Not the worst thing I’ve ever been called. Ha!

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