Gok Wan, Day One

Gok is in town! Today was the first day of filming in my home town and it was great. I didn’t realise that they were actually filming the entire series this week, all in the same location, I thought they were filming each episode in a different city but what do I know about TV? I know the team are in Selfridges all week but I thought there must be something scheduled for the other days- or repeating the same show to different audiences. Oh what a dunderhead I am.

Well as I said in my last Gok themed post, there are shows at 1pm and 6pm from now til Tuesday. What I didn’t realise was that each of these shows would constitute a different episode of the series. I went to the first show at 1pm but couldn’t stay too long as I had to get to work. Work always gets in the way of the fun stuff. I left work around 5.15, grabbed a sandwich and raced to Selfridges so that I could get a ticket to enter the inner voting circle. I got there in time and was handed my pink and black A4 sheets  with which to cast my vote. The show started and out came Gok and Brix in different outfits to what they had on earlier because of course- its a different episode. Of courrrrrrse!  I felt like I was in on a secret as they talked about the events of “last week” when in fact what they meant was “a few hours ago” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and as you have probably guessed, I was grinning like a 6 year old in Disneyland. Why was I so excited? Its fashion baby, and I just love it.

Gok was great and I have to say, I had a hard time figuring out which looks were high street and which were designer. The earlier show that I saw part of was a bit easier but this one wasn’t as obvious. Of course, you’re not supposed to stand there trying to figure it out. The idea is toas to vote for whichever collection you like best and you find out which is which afterwards. Regular watchers of Gok’s Fashion Fix will know that he wins EVERY week. Well not this time. The designer collections won for the first time ever and Gok hit the floor. It was so much fun. The only downside was that you had to watch the show over and over and over and over and over and…….. because I guess they need to have enough material to edit and piece together so that the finished piece is perfect. I don’t think I have the patience to work in film and TV because that would drive me crazy.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics yet. I took a few on my phone but I don’t have the USB cable with me so they’re just stuck in my phone. I don’t think they are great anyhow but it would be nice to have some photos to look at instead of just my endless stream of text, even if they are just blurred images of the backs of people’s heads.

I’ve had a great evening and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


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