New Shoes!

£30 Evans. Currently only available in store.

I’ve been hunting high and low for a pair of “nude” colour shoes that compliments my skintone but its been hard. I’ve had to do a lot of walking to find a wide fitting pair in the correct shade but my favourite shop Evans has finally come through. I especially wanted a plain court shoe style with no frills so these patent leather beauties are perfect. You can’t see the colour properly in the photo but I’ve tried to replicate it in the colour chip.  It really irks me I’ve had such trouble finding the correct glossy hue to suit. I wasn’t actually trying to match the shade to my skin exactly but I felt like I was wearing someone else’s feet when I tried on shoes in much paler colours. Can anyone relate to this or is it just me being a bit strange?  With nude skin tones being so popular in fashion now, wouldn’t it be great to see a range of nude shoes in several shades the way you see foundation in colours to suit everyone, or even tights. One great shoe in say- five different shades of nude. If you know of a designer or label that have done something similar let me know because I would love to see.


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