O.K Corral

Yes I know- cringeworthy post title but its my blog and I can be cheesy if I like 🙂

Coral is hands down my favourite colour of this season- I like it even more than I like nautical (and thats saying something) and am teetering on the verge of wearing it to death even though spring has only just started. I’ve mainly been wearing it with grey and beige but recently discovered while packing my washing away, that I like the way it looks next to chartreuse. An unobvious colour combination but I really like the way it looks and can see it working well with denim.

As its my favourite colour of the season I’ve used it for three different looks shown below so whatever you’re doing you can incorporate a little coral loveliness into your day.


For Days: Shirt dress 82,05 Euros- Carmakoma, Bag £48 Urban Outfitters, Boyfriend style jacket- £40 Dorothy Perkins, Swallow earrings- £6 Diva at Miss Selfridge, T- Bar shoes- £55 Office, Jeans- $56 Torrid.


For Evenings Out: Dress- $168 Nordstrom, OPI Nail Polish( Los Cabos Coral) $7.32 diva.com, Bag- £10 Warehouse at House of Fraser, Heart ring- £10 Diva at Miss Selfridge, Bangles- £10 Evans, Shoes- £65 Topshop


For Work: Jacket- £60 Ann Harvey, Scarf £17 Elvi, Shirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Shoes £55 Topshop, Leather Belt £20 Fashion World, Skirt- £30 Ann Harvey, Bag £48 Fiorelli at ASOS


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