Different Year, Same Story

I fall for it every time. As soon as we get to the end of January I seem to think that spring has started and I go all stupid over nautical inspired fashion. I’m not a sailor. I’ve never even been on a boat in my adult life so why is it that at the same time each year I come over all Popeye and want to buy every red white and blue garment I can see? I think its just optimism. After spending months all bundled up in winter garb I want to break out and wear something lighter and brighter, and the crisp clean lines of this trend really appeal to me. I’ve tried doing the nautical thing in winter but it just doesn’t work for me so I’m happy that spring is on its way in and my boat print top will arrive in the post this week!

1. Linen dress- $189 Ralph Lauren, 2. Fabric earrings- $12 Vividot, 3. Striped blazer £50 Monsoon, 4. Striped shoes £25 New Look, 5. Grey/ red top- £25 Evans, 6. Mac- £65 Monsoon, 7. Skirt- £28 Evans, 8.Bag by Loungefly£34.99 Jukushop, 9. Colour block shoes £25 New Look, 10. Pirate ship necklace- $10 Theresa Hawk Designs (Etsy)  , 11. Linen blend skirt $34.90 Avenue, 12. White denim trousers $38 Torrid.


4 Comments on “Different Year, Same Story”

  1. Haha love this post and totally relate! Linked to it on my blog recently: http://yum-and-yuk.blogspot.com/2009/02/lust-for-life.html

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Deena says:

    LOL! I bought a navy dress with a white bird print last week and I’ve worn it twice already with a white shirt and red tights, looking like I should be aboard the H.M.S Pinafore. I am well and truly hooked! Thanks for the link!

  3. Vivi Dot says:

    Thanks so much for including Vivi Dot in this fabulous post! I’ve just launched a Spot The Dot game that allows you to easily earn free merchandise and I’d love for you to participate! See my blog for more info.

  4. […] I stated in a post around a year ago-  I love nautical looks but the weather over these parts at the moment just make […]

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