Best on NY Runway So Far

Fashion week season is here again and I’m so excited. I always get excited at the start of the season but I think this time round I’m even more stoked than usual because all the glamour and frivolity is just what I need as an antidote to the relentless forecasts of financial doom that I’m bombarded with daily- as we all are.

This morning I’ve been catching up on the shows so far and I just melted when I saw the collection from Preen. My favourite dress is this one here. Why wait til Autumn? I’d wear this today. Hell, I’d wear it every day. People would talk but I’d be too lost in pretty dress oblivion to care. “Look at her in that bloody dress AGAIN- what a tramp, she thinks she’s shit hot.” Well you know what? I WOULD be shit hot in that dress but unfortunately it will never be mine. I will just sit patiently and wait for it to trickle down to the high street and hope I can get something similar in Deenasize.

Other gems from this collection…..


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