Ship Ahoy!

Now this is the ultimate in catwalk to sidewalk chic. I have loved this top since I first saw it in New Look 3 weeks ago but I have only recently realised that its a copy of inspired by a Stella McCartney dress (thanks Hollie- Anne!)


I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT. Its made from georgette and lined with a very lightweight jersey fabric and is my favourite garment so far from the new season but I just wish it fit. DAMMIT. In the photo I’m wearing the size 24 top and even though it looks OK in the pic, IRL its too tight across the bust and squooshes by boobs together into a big unattractive lump. I can’t find a size 26 anywhere 😦 So while its too tight for me I know it will fit many of you perfectly.

Please excuse the grimace.

Top, £25- New Look



4 Comments on “Ship Ahoy!”

  1. Emily says:
    🙂 I love this, it’s so faux Stella, I have it bookmarked in readiness for payday!

    • Deena says:

      Ooo- its finally on the website! I’ve been checking it for aaaages Wha hey!!! AND theres a size 26 available- double wha hey!!!! Thanx Emily!

  2. buffpuff says:

    I find the sizing in New Look to be all over the place – too small in the bust, too long in the torso… to say nothing of the fact that whenever I manage to get to a branch that sells the Inspire range, anything decent has gone.

  3. Deena says:

    …and the Inspire range is so darn hard to find. It makes me mad that its only available in a handful of New Look stores.

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