Strawberry Fields Forever

When it comes to shopping for myself I don’t have a certain “look” that I aim for, I just buy whatever pieces I like and work them into my existing wardrobe without really thinking about making it fit into my own personal “look”. Having said that, one aesthetic I’ve never really been into is hippie chic. I’ve never been into fringed bags, big floppy hats, flared jeans etc but recently I’ve been really warming to it with the help of Ramona from The Vintage Society. I check out her blog quite frequently, see her posts on w_r and really like her 70’s fashion vibe, but never considered her style as something I would wear myself. Then all that changed. It started off with a pair of flared light blue jeans (from Avenue) that I was sent by a cousin in the US and I was like- hmmm…. I’m more of a straight leg girl and definitely more of a dark denim girl but I figured that as I already had them I may as well make good use of them. That’s done it. Now I’m turning into a bit of a noughties hippie myself as I see clothes like the ones shown below and don’t immediately dismiss them.


These looks are definately right up the Vintage Society Girl street and the maxi dress would be something new for me as I’ve never worn anything this length before- hippy chic or otherwise but would definately give it a go.

These pages are taken from the Spring Summer 2009 catalogue by Great Universal and are from the South range, available in sizes 8- 24.

PS- I love the beige and ecru bag in the photo but I like this Topshop one more.

Topshop, £20

Topshop, £20


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