Mind the Gap

I like my accessories quirky and unusual and they don’t come much quirkier or more unsual than this necklace and earring duo that actually made me “OMG!” out loud. I love art and sometimes it amazes me how people come up with the ideas that they do. I mean, if you’re on your daily commute to and from work, packed into a tube carriage like baked beans in a tin what inspiration can you get from that? Well I’ll show you what inspiration you can get from that………………………

…….. isn’t it genius?! Even the most grumpiest of commuters couldn’t fail to crack their face into a smile if you were standing opposite them sporting one of these offbeat pieces. Earrings 22 Euros, Necklace 40 Euros from Supermandolini.com.


One Comment on “Mind the Gap”

  1. audrey says:

    this is awesome,..

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