Reclaiming the Grey Slip on Shoe

Grey slip on shoes. Who would have thought they would ever leave behind their connotations with boredom and dullness to become such a big fashion hit. Not just the slip on shoe, grey shoes in general, but the grey slip on in particular  has a bad rep and has long been derided as the shoe of choice when you have no style, no personality and barely a pulse.

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair for months and I finally found some in Evans but they didn’t have any in my size and they never got restocked. I still think about those shoes and think about all the wonderful times we could have had together but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’ve seen loads of grey shoes that I would have easily taken their place but they never fit my chunky feet so I’ve been left wanting. Until now. Office shoes to the rescue! I found these lovelies in the sale rail of Office for the bargain basement price of £10 and snapped them up immediately. They aren’t my IDEAL pair of grey shoes as I would prefer something a bit prettier but they are good for wearing to work and I like that they still have that element of plain- ness about them. These shoes I would definitely only wear with coloured tights to add a bit of interest (I have a bit of style, a personality and a definite pulse). I’m also thinking about jazzing them up a bit, making a couple of matching grey leather corsages and attaching them to the front to add another dimension. I think I’ll keep that project for later in the year though and for now I’ll just enjoy the plain grey leather as it is.


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