Adios Amelia

Oh what a year, what a year. I absolutely hate watching the news these days as the economy is just crumbling around our ears and every other day theres another casualty.  Whoever would have thunk that Woolies would ever go out of business? Now its seems like theres a long list of businesses going into administration and closing. One thing I will certainly be sad to see the back of is Amelia’s Magazine as the last issue, issue 10 has hit the shops in the past week. Not so much a credit crunch victim as Amelia states that she only ever intended the magazine to be a ten issue project, but I can’t help but think that the economic climate may have had something to do with it. I don’t buy every issue of this mag as at a hefty £12 thats quite a bit to spend on a single magazine. I can easily spend more than that on general junk but when there are other mags on the same shelf at a fraction of the price its kinda hard to part with that money for just one, y’know? However, its a darn good read. And even if you don’t actually read it, its a true visual feast. Just flicking through it in Borders makes me feel more creative, more excited and just plain happier. 

One thing in particular that used to make me the happiest were the illustrations. I’m a bit of a daydreamer anyway and I could just sit there flicking though the illustration pages magicing myself away to faraway places and tea parties with unbalanced milliners……

The website will still be up and running but the physical magazine will be no more. It will be missed.


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