Could it be Magic

Theres a magic circus fairground type trend going on in fashion right now- even Britney and Take That are in on the act. Harlequin patterns, glitzy bodysuits and clown prints are all over the shops but it doesn’t seem to be a trend that many plus size retailers have picked up on.  A few tentative steps have been taken but I still haven’t been able to find the harlequin print skirt I’ve been looking for. Is this trend deemed a little too whimsical for plus sizes d’ya think? I’ve been searching for a harlequin print skirt for ages but there are none to be found. I can’t even find the fabric to make one myself. Darn it. Still, I’ve found other lovelies along this theme that I’ll be  just as happy to wear………

The amazingly attired lady in the bottom right corner is the gorgeous Marianne from The Rotund in her halloween costume. Never mind halloween- give me that hat at any time of the year!


1. Polkadot dress- Fashion World £35

2. Tuxedo style jacket- Monsoon (up to size 18) £83.20

3. Musical Note bracelet- Tatty Devine £42

4. Star Print t-shirt (also available in white)- Fashion World £25

5. Bag- Topshop, £25

6. Acrobat Necklace- Tatty Devine £42

7. Polkadot ra-ra skirt- Torrid $38

8. Star cut out shoe- Schuh £53.65


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