Oprah, Oprah, Oprah…. (sigh)

Image from WWD.com

A plumper Oprah is on the cover of the January ’09 issue of “O” magazine standing alongside a more svelte Oprah with the tagline “How did I let this happen again?”. I love Oprah to bits but sometimes she makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and grab at my hair. I love Oprah for so many reasons and not one of them is because of how fat or how thin she may be at any particular time.  I love Oprah because of all the many things she has acheived from nothing, her ambition, drive and sheer determination- not because of her dress size. Both Oprahs look good and I really wish she wouldn’t beat herself up over her weight but she just can’t seem to be able to help herself. If you have to starve yourself and exercise vigourously to maintain size 8 figure then maybe a size 8 figure isn’t for you. Maybe you are naturally a size 12 or a 14? Is that really so bad? I’m not “anti diet”,  I’m just anti trying to fit a mould that isn’t created for you, anti hating your body and anti making yourself miserable over your weight. If you feel you want to lose a few pounds then go ahead and do so sensibly but don’t let your size define who you are.

Read this.


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