Continuing Yesterday’s Bag Theme Pt 3 (More Novelty Bags Than You Can Shake a Stick At)

Three posts in one day- I really am spoiling you! For the final instalment in the novelty bag trilogy I would like to draw your attention to the Flickr photostream of MagicSparkleBean. MSB’s photo collection showcases a fabulous array of novelty bags, purses and lunchboxes all from her extensive collection that make me swoon. Her love of bags exceeds even my own appreciation because while I love novelty bags I don’t really own many. MSB owns PLENTY. My favourite is the Wizard of Oz  pail and d’ya know she even has the matching shoes. Every day would be halloween if I was in possession of both of these things (I’ve been looking for a pair of red sparkly shoes that are just right for a while) because I would surely dress up like Dorothy every day. I’m serious, I would. I might not leave the house but those ruby slippers would be on my feet to do the washing up, the vacuuming, to watch tv….. Oh the fantasy.

Hold up, wait a minute. I lied. The yellow pail is my second favourite. First place favourite must SURELY go to the black vintage style bag/ phone that comes complete with a phone jack that you can PLUG IN AND USE!!! OMG! The ultimate mobile phone! I would swap all my shoes and my favourite coat for that one bag. Where did she find it? I don’t know but I would love to find out.



2 Comments on “Continuing Yesterday’s Bag Theme Pt 3 (More Novelty Bags Than You Can Shake a Stick At)”

  1. Ivy Frozen says:

    I have the red clock one! I want all the rest of them! I might just make the Wizard of Oz, strawberries and mailbox ones though…

  2. Deena says:

    Ivy Frozen- thanks for commenting! If you make any of them please post pics on Flickr because I would love to see!

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