Continuing Yesterday’s Bag Theme Pt 2 (Diamante is a Girl’s Best Friend)


I really must stop these luxury item posts. Its as though I’m a child stood at the window of the biggest toy shop in the world with my hands cupped around my face, nose pressed to the window going, “Woooooooowwwww!” I know I must stop but I can’t, especially when the luxury items are quirkilly shaped and encrusted with Swarovski diamante like the ones above, and the apple shaped one from my previous post.  I’m a sucker for an unusual shaped bag whether its sparkly or not, but an unusual bag decorated with diamante? I feel faint already. I’m not a huge fan of glitzy diamante jewellery but when I see an evening bag covered in diamante,  rhinestones glittering in the light, it brings out the Kimora Lee Simmons in me.

Judith Lieber is the queen of sparkling evening bags. The woman herself retired in 1998 but the brand lives on and is responsible for all the glittering goodness in the photo above. The company’s bags are world renowned and some are housed in museums such as the V&A in London and the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Seeing them at the V&A is the closest I will ever get to one as they cost megabucks and I would think they are a bit of a stretch to even the considerably rich, but I am going to find my own cheapo jewelled up lovely somewhere one day, just you wait and see. In fact  I remember seeing something a little Lieber-ish in Topshop last week. I wonder if its still there….

PS- Just a note. The rose shaped bag in the bottom right corner isn’t covered in Swarovski crystals- no siree- its the real deal. Yes thats right, its covered in diamonds and other precious stones and the value of it is so high that the price is only available on request and not listed on the website. Reminds me of the Fryen Sandal that I blogged about a few weeks ago with its £50,000 price tag. Somehow though, this doesn’t offend me as much as the Fryen shoe did.  Am I exhibiting evening bag bias?  Has the rose bag already worked its magic on me and I am now immune to its high priced charm? I think maybe I’m not as horrifed by the price because Lieber are known for making extravagantly priced bags- thats just what they do, whereas Jonathon Kelsey doesn’t normally create such extravagant shoes. Hmmm… Also, I think that the Fryen Sandal didn’t look expensive at all and had a bit of the Emperor’s new clothes feel to it which is partly why the price appalled me so. Or maybe I’m just more biased towards evening bags after all.


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