Look and Read

Have you ever seen something that is so you that you can almost see your refelction in it? Something where as soon as you see it you can see all the occasions where you would use it and as you look at it you are co-ordinating it into your wardrobe? Well this is mine. I first saw these bags a couple of years ago and swooned over then at the time but then forgot about them. This week I discovered them again and the love affair has been rekindled. Femme Sud create GORGEOUS, and I mean GORGEOUS bags with a nostalgic, glamourous theme and an ounce of humour. This bag is my clear favourite as it makes me nostalgic about my own past and the years I spent as a teen, scribbling away in my own diaries and pouring out my heart. These bags aren’t cheap though 😦 as they weigh in at $395 USD (approx £265). Why do I have such expensive tastes?!?!? Now I remember why I stopped thinking about these bags two years ago.

In my determination to find a similar styled bag at a cheaper price I found these….

Rebound Designs has taken the book as a bag theme literally with fabulous results. These bags are actually created from real live hard backed books  with the pages removed and the cover transformed into a quirky one of a kind bag that is sure to make heads turn. As an enthusiastic bookcrosser there is a small part of of me that winces to know that a book has been sacrificed for the sake of fashion, but Caitlin the creator and seller at Rebound, will send the pages to you at no extra cost except the shipping price. Thats not so bad. That way you can unleash the artist within  you and design a brand spanking new cover for your denuded book- just imagine what you could create ! As well as selling from their own website, Rebound Designs are also on Etsy. Prices start at a more palatable $150 USD.

But wait! Theres more!

Not content with with just using book covers, Caitin also uses the pages of trashy romance novels to create these raunchy pins. Anyone sitting opposite you on the tube/ subway will surely blush as they read about how “he spread her with his thumbs” or how she was “arching into her own touch”. Wearing one on its own would be suggestive enough but wearing several together to create your own bedroom sizzler would surely get your fellow commuters hot under the collar. Most of the pins shown on the website are already sold, but if you email Caitlin I’m sure she will be happy to answer any queries.


One Comment on “Look and Read”

  1. Lu says:

    wow those are beautiful, but still expensive for me :/

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