Bowie Memories

I was never a David Bowie fan. I bought a second hand 7inch single of “Modern Love” from the market when I was 16 because I used to really like the song, but I have never considered myself a fan as such. There was a girl in my class at school who was a huge Bowie fan and even to this day, when I hear his music I think of her. The same thing happened when I saw this t-shirt- I thought of her. I love the graphic image and the colouration of this tee, plus I like the seam detailing on the back. Would it be fashion victimy to buy a rock band tee simply because I like the image, not because I actually like the band thats pictured?

£20 Evans. Sizes 16- 32

£20 Evans. Sizes 16- 32


One Comment on “Bowie Memories”

  1. Flowers in Her Hair says:

    It would make you a slight victim, what will you do when someone strikes up a converstation about “Aladdin Sane”!?, the picture on the shirt is the cover to the album. If you should decide to purchase the Tee without any knowledge or general liking of the Artist, one could not judge you to harshly, as David Bowie did/does provide for some interesting imagery. Whatever you do, enjoy it!

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