Paisley Park is in Your Heart

1980’s fashion has been making a steady comeback for around the past five or so years. It started off with the drop waist, off the shoulder slouch tops (a la Flashdance), then leggings experienced a comeback, closely followed by neon colours, ra-ra skirts, prom dresses and asymetric hairstyles. Now the revisited 80’s style has grown up and become more structured as we see the resurgence of shoulder pads and power inspired dressing. Roisin Murphy does this look fantastically well. This particular look hasn’t hit the high street with the same intensity as the aforementioned styles but I believe it will, in a less Roisin-y way.

Some months ago bought a semi tailored double breasted dress on Ebay that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I’ve been reluctant to wear it because I know I’ll be able to hear the stares in my back as I walk by, so its just sat in my wardrobe silently awaiting its moment. Over the weekend I was reading the Guardian Weekend magazine and was relieved to see a fashion feature showing my beloved double breasted style.

This gorgeous blue number is from Reiss though alas, only available in sizes 8-14. I love this dress and would wear it in a heartbeat as its subtle 80’s styling is less conspicuous than my dress with the suedette, paisley and big shoulders. After seeing this pic I decided that the time had come to dust down my own double breasted dress and give it its outdoor debut today. So I did.



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