Psssst! Fat Clothes at Next- But Keep it Quiet

Did you know that Next do an extended plus size range? No? Well neither did I until recently. I happened to be on their website and noticed a section headed “24-28”. I clicked on it, all excited but was a little deflated to see that there were only six items there. SIX. SIGH. Most of them are black. MORE SIGHING. I went into Next yesterday to see if by any remote chance they stocked the extended range instore- as I suspected- nope. I wanted to scream. They appear to have let the fat clothes in through the backdoor to take a seat at the back of the room. I don’t know when this range was introduced but they don’t seem to have made as much as a whimper to let people know that the range exists. Then when the collection underperforms it will be shelved. I know this story, I’ve heard it before. I’ve already had to write an email of complaint to House of Fraser about their very short lived Evans concession for the same reason. I won’t hesitate to get tap tap tapping away to Next to let them know exactly what I think. This ish irks me so much I can feel my temperature rising.

However, some items in their main range go up to a 22 so if you are a size 22 and below you’re in luck. Despite my disgust at Next not offering the extended range instore, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Next have upped the fashion ante and have some great styles available. I used to associate Next with classic middle of the road clothing with no high fashion appeal, but I may now have to eat my words as I saw a few items that wouldn’t look out of place on a Topshop rail. The knitwear was lovely and cuddly too, and they have a 2 for £20 offer on supersoft v neck jumpers in candy colours that I am going to have to invest in (thus breaking my rule about no shopping for myself before christmas. See previous post).  Now if Next go the same way as Marks and Spencer and have a one day 20% off pre christmas sale I will be there at the crack of dawn. Please, please, please, o please let it happen……….


2 Comments on “Psssst! Fat Clothes at Next- But Keep it Quiet”

  1. jessica says:

    those are some kick ass frocks. the one with the belt is making me drool.

  2. […] Season at Next By Deena You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote an entry about Next doing extended sizes and balked at fact that there were only six items available in that extend… Well, Next have entered 2009 with a bang and now have oodles more clothes in this particular range […]

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