I Heart Crockery

I have long been a lover of novelty items. I was the child who ate enough Twirls so I could buy the compilation tape that Cadbury’s were giving away. It was also me who collected the tokens from the R. Whites lemonade bottles so that I could get the pencil case with secret compartment, the one who drank the Tango to get the 60’s soul tape, drank the Kia-ora to get the orange watch etc etc. These days I no longer have to drink unprecedented amounts of soft drinks to get what I want, I can just log onto Ebay or go real life shopping. Now I’m an adult (allegedly) I’ve progressed to novelty crockery, in particular, mugs. I just can’t get enough. So imagine my squeals of joy when I walked into Waterstone’s today after work to see that they had a collection of mugs depicting images of Ladybird books that many a child has grown up reading. I had to draw the strength from my very core to walk out of that shop without buying one. I have promised myself that any shopping I do now is for gifts and gifts for myself don’t count. Sigh. I will have to wait until the new year and if they’ve sold out I might have to beat myself about the face repeatedly.



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