*&%$ Me, HOW MUCH???!!!!!!

Here we are in the midst of a recession with soaring energy prices, high food bills, banks going bust and general financial misery all around and someone goes and creates a pair of £50,000 shoes- thats approx $75,000 USD. I saw these in Grazia magazine and just shook my head. These babies are the result of a collaboration between shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey and jeweller David Morris. They’re made from crocodile skin and embellished with 22ct white diamond, 18ct rose gold chains and more diamonds. Why, why, O WHY?

Jonathan Kelsey shoes are usually wearable subtle sexy numbers that aren’t as directional and OTT as Miu Miu, Prada, Christian Dior et al, but are still appealing. These have zero appeal. A pair of expensive heels are supposed to have an instant uber sexiness to them. You are supposed to put them on and feel like the hottest hottie from hotsville even if you’re still wearing your pajamas. Despite the extortionate price tag, these shoes to me look cheap and horrible and don’t even look designer.

I can kinda understand those who can afford to, buying £700 handbags and £400 shoes. I’m not one of those people but I can understand it. If you have a couple of mil at your disposal then that £1100 is just small change. But I don’t care how much money you earn, what empire you own or how rich your daddy is- £50,000 shoes????? Complete insanity and a disgusting price in any financial climate. Maybe these are the shoes that you’re supposed to wear during your stay at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.


2 Comments on “*&%$ Me, HOW MUCH???!!!!!!”

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