Fat Day Therapy

I’ve had these pictures up on my Flickr photostream for over a year and I don’t ever get sick of seeing them. They’re like therapy. When I originally uploaded them to Flickr I had said that I find them inspirational whenever I was having a “fat day,” but I was a little misunderstood. 365 days of my year are fat days, this is true. I’ve never been a small person- I’m not someone who was a size 10 until I hit 25 then suddenly gained weight, so I have technically had “fat days” all my life. The “fat days” I refer to are more emotional fat days than physical fat days. The days days where you wake up and just feel BLAH. You look in the mirror and feel BLAH. You notice every single lump, every bit of cellulite, every faded stretch mark that you stopped noticing months ago, and you just feel plain ugly. You don’t have to be fat to feel like this and really doesn’t have much to do with how you look, its a feeling. Women and men of all sizes and appearances have days where they just feel fat ugly and unattractive regardless of how beautiful they are. I think though, as a fat person those days can hit you harder because you are already viewed negatively by society anyhow so to actually really feel  this way is a double whammy.

Thats where these pictures come in. I can’t help but smile when I see these because Kelli Jean looks FABULOUS even though shes breaking every “don’t” rule ever created for dressing a plus size body. In fact, I think she looks fabulous BECAUSE she is breaking the rules for dressing a plus size body.

Rule 1- No lycra

Rule 2- No voluminous clothing

Rule 3- No strapless tops/ dresses

Rule 3- No loud overly bold prints

Rule 4- No belted waists

So who is the woman in the photos? Her name is Kelli Jean Drinkwater and she currently resides in London. To be honest I’m not sure exactly what her occupation is but she was connected to a London club night called Anti- Social (is this still going? does anyone know?), and she does some modeling although I’m not sure if thats a full time gig. I must go back and re- read the issue of I-D magazine that these photos came from so I can provide you with some real information not just what I can dredge up from my dusty memory archives. Kelli  Jean’s Myspace page is here.

BTW- The three dresses she  is wearing are by Oliver Garcia. I am unsure who the gold outfit is created by. Image from Kelli’s Myspace page and yes, I did ask before I used it! 




Here’s a quote from Kelli’s Myspace page….

“I’m a freelance editor and filmmaker. I also perform in front o the camera , host clubs, dance around in my undies and I’m a model and actress. I check out http://www.ugly.org and search for moi x”

There. So now we know 🙂


7 Comments on “Fat Day Therapy”

  1. That last shot is amazing! I just found this blog, and I love it:]
    I posted you on my blog: http://lapetitecoquine.tumblr.com/


  2. Deena says:

    Glad you like it and thanks for the recommendation!

  3. she’s fabulous & inspiring. today happens to be my “fat day” & i’m glad i found your blog. the last flick reminds me of a grace jones flick i seen recently.

  4. Deena says:

    Ladybutta.fly- I look at this pic quite frequently and just had to share. Glad its helped. Its a direct take on that Grace Jones photo you saw. As soon as I find the original image I’ll post it.

  5. […] you cast your mind back to earlier days on FGLNCT you may remember a post I did entitled Fat Day Therapy where I posted several pictures of the gorgeous Kelli- Jean Drinkwater and explained the concept […]

  6. Hey yall
    I just got directed to this site and also the site called hey fat chick cos comeone found me on facebook… Thanks for all the compliments! I didnt know my photos were being blogged its great . Look for me on the cover of Diva mag in london in october. They are doing a whole issue on hot fat queers.. hurrah! finally!
    xxxx kelli jean

    • Deena says:

      Kelli Jean- HELLO!!!! Never bought a copy of Diva before but will DEFINITELY be buying the October issue. Oh yes please! Thanks for stopping by!

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