A Thousand Hits!!!!

Wha hey! I just checked the blog stats (I find these fascinating) and this blog has just sailed through the 1000 hits mark! Whoo Hoo!!! This blog has been running since September 11th 2008 and readership has grown steadily. I have no idea if 2 months to get to 1000 hits is good going for a new blog or not, but I’m certainly happy as this is my first ever blog (how people manage several is beyond me) and I’m just rambling about whatever I feel like. So a big gianormous THANK YOU to you all for your support and feedback. You have all put a bounce in todays step!


4 Comments on “A Thousand Hits!!!!”

  1. deborah-lee says:


    I had no clue if people were reading my blog. Seems, after using Google Analytics I am getting about 30 people past my blog a day.

    For all those people, I’ve only had a few posts. So glad I had something to tell me how I’m going.

    I’m on 480 visits now. I’ll be looking forward to my 1000!!

    I’m one of your daily visitors. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. Deena says:

    Thank you!

  3. alo! i didn’t know until now that you were doing this and had the store too! but now i do 🙂 i love your writing. it’s all sassy and snarky sometimes too. nice! anyhoo. i’m adding you to my blogroll. if you want to add me, i’d love it.

  4. Deena says:

    Thanks SwanD! I have my sticky little fingers in a lot of pies 🙂 Thanks for the link- will add one to your site in the next few minutes

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