Heaven Sent

Happy happy! Joy joy!

Angels is having a costume sale and I’m so happy I could run around the block in my undies. This knowledge comes courtesy of one of my favourite bloggers, Susie Bubble, who so clued up and in the mix that she gets the lowdown on such happenings.

For those who don’t know, Angels is the biggest costumiers in the world and have EIGHT MILES of costumes in their archives according to their website, which must amount to squillions of garments. Now they’re having a mass and I mean MASS clearout and you are all invited. The truly fantastic bit is that they are not selling each item individually- nope- you buy a carrier bag for either £10 or £20 and cram it full with as much as you can carry! Now why don’t they apply that same sales technique at Selfridges?

The shopping extravaganza takes place on December 6th and I predict that this sale will probably make the Primark stampede of last year look like a friendly lovers tussle, but with killer heels and sequin leggings. All the same, I’ll be there for sure with my steel capped boots, elbow guards and reinforced spectacles.


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