A New Day

I can’t tell tell you how happy I am today. I’m not a run- around- the- room- screaming kinda happy, I’m glowing with renewed confidence, hope and belief in myself. Last night I stayed up as late as possible to watch the unfolding election results but had to give in around 2.15am as sleep overtook me. I kept the TV on so that as soon as I opened my eyes I would know the election result. As I lay in bed and listened to the news, I didn’t leap out of bed or punch the air, I just calmly smiled and wrapped my duvet around myself a little tighter.

12 hours later I’m still in that euphoric zone. I can’t even express to you properly what Barack Obama’s election win means to me, but I know I don’t even have to because I know it means a similar thing to millions of people. I saw footage of Rev Jesse Jackson weeping this morning and I laughed through my own tears as the way he had his finger on his lips, looking around and silently crying made him look like a child lost in a busy shopping mall. I sat and watched the news long after I should have already left for work, still crying and messing up the Maybelline.

President Obama says that today should give you a newfound faith if your belief in the American Dream had faltered. I don’t know about the American Dream, but my own hopes, dreams and aspirations seem much more achievable now on this new day, and I hope yours do too.


One Comment on “A New Day”

  1. Cat Sadowski says:

    Amen! sista…first time I’ve been hopeful in 8 long years. Yes We CAN!

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