Knit One Purl One

All my life I have thought that knitted dressed weren’t for me. I always figured I was too fat to wear something that would potentially cling to my every lump, bump and ripple that I have never even as much as tried one on. Until today. I tried on two in fact and instantly fell in love with both of them. They are both from Monsoon and if you, like me, have always kept well away from them, go to your nearest Monsoon ASAP and embrace the woolly goodness.

PS- If you go to the Pavillions Branch in Birmingham please don’t buy both size 22’s- leave one for me. Thanks 🙂

Up to size 22. £65.00

Available in black and navy up to size 22. £65.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00

Up to size 22. £60.00 (And yes, I do realise this is a cardi not a dress but I fell in love with this too)


One Comment on “Knit One Purl One”

  1. […] I don’t mean that I can’t wear them in the way that I claimed I couldn’t wear a knitted dress a few weeks ago- I mean I REALLY can’t wear them. The boobies need more hoiking and more […]

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