Mag for You

Magazines are my vice and Borders is my pleasure palace. I can’t enter that store unless I arm myself with iron rod will and discipline, otherwise I would buy every other magazine in the fashion section- and some others in the music section too. The ones I immediately head for are ID, Elle (UK and US), Lula, POP, Ameilia’s Magazine, Grazia, Look……………….. get the picture? LOTS. I don’t buy them ALL but those are some of the ones I am most interested in. I love the high gloss of Elle and the independent artsy vibe of Ameila’s but like the others, I know that neither of them are much good at helping me with any shopping woes as they rarely (if ever) cover plus sizes.

However- there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with So Esteem magazine which I discovered several months ago. The new Autumn issue arrived through the post today and brightened my morning. Its not comparable to the aforementioned titles in terms of avant guarde content or streams of editorials, but it is the most relevant to me directly as it informs me of where I can buy clothing in my size and lets me know about subjects of interest within the plus size community. At the moment its a quarterly mag that is delivered to your door but I truly hope this magazine grows and grows to become a monthly mag available in the shop and pray it doesn’t go the same way as former plus size mags like Mode or Yes! magazine. So Esteem has a website where you can sign up to receive your copy and browse around to find out more about them.

Oh- also- So Esteem is FREE! YAY!


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